Atlantic Odyssey

The Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge runs annually in December, where amateur rowers of all ages and nationalities row 3000 mile from La Gomera to Antigua in teams or alone. Rowers are fully self-sufficient, relying on a watermaker, navigational equipment, satellite phone, dehydrated rations and their own rowing ability to make the crossing, fighting through 20ft waves, sleep deprivation and the forces of the ocean environment.

Also a solo rower, I’ll be rowing in a specially built ocean rowing boat fit for purpose, built to withstand the tough marine environment. Like all adventures sports, ocean rowing is not without its risk, however all teams are supported 24/7 via satellite phone by the race’s land based duty officers and two safety yachts in case of  emergency. I will also be required to complete several safety courses to prepare for the row.

Fun Facts
  • In an average year, more people summit Mt Everest than have EVER rowed across an ocean.
  • Participants in the race have raised over €16 million for charities worldwide over the last six races.
  • For the majority of the row, I will be closer to a space station than land.
  • The teams are supported 24/7 by two land-based duty officers and two safety yachts, supporting the teams throughout the crossing.
  • In the 2018 race, solo rower Kelda Wood (Row 2 Raise) was kept company by a whale for nearly 7 days.
  • A fully functioning water maker takes 30 minutes to make 20 litres of water.
  • Based on the number of days required to cross, the food for a solo rower weighs in excess of 65kg.